2015 Outstanding Students of Nankai University Awarding Ceremony Held

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On 8 December, 2015 Outstanding Students of Nankai University Awarding Ceremony was held in Tian Jiabing Music Hall. The theme of the Ceremony is Light of Nankai, Be the Best of Myself. Zhou Bingde, previous director of China News Service and the niece of Zhou Enlai, Xue Jinwen, secretary of Party committee of Nankai University, President Gong Ke, Yang Kexin, Vice President and vice secretary of party committee of Nankai University, Vice President Tong Jiadong, Vice President Guan Naijia, Vice President Zhu Guanglei, officials of relevant university offices, officials of Tianjin Zhoudeng Memorial Hall as well as some principals of the awarded students' middle schools, donating entrepreneurs and representatives of alumni attended the Ceremony and gave the awards. In the academic year 2014-2015, the University set up 52 categories of scholarships for students, among which 7,634 students were awarded, reaching the total amount of 332.53 million.