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Postgraduates’ Affairs Department of the Party Committee is responsible for the ideological and political education and administration of the postgraduates. Its main responsibilities include the following aspects: to organize and carry out the all-rounded development education- dedication to the public interests and acquisition of all-round capability”; to develop party and class; to participate the cultivation and administration of graduate-party-members and the cadre teamto award the graduates and deal with their violation of regulationsto assess and give out the scholarship; to participate in the subsidizing of graduates in bad economic conditions, and arranging them to do teaching-assistant, research-assistant and management-assistant jobs; to help to reform the graduate-cultivation system, to participate in the affairs of Graduate Student Union and the mental health education of graduates, to direct them in the process of finding jobs, and to participate in the administration and cultural construction of dormitory ;to train and examine the graduates’ counselors; and to guarantee the security and stability of the graduates.