• Innovation Improvement Project

1.“Knowledge and Practice of Nankai postgraduates” Innovation Improvement project

The project is intended to support postgraduates in their research, innovative and entrepreneurial activities by offering them scholarship. It consists of three sub-projects: postgraduate social research, extracurricular scholarly works competition, cultural and creative work competition. Among them, the postgraduate social research project encourages the interaction among postgraduates from different discipline, with the focus on the innovation of the research. The postgraduate extracurricular academic work competition project, with the evident property of social investigation, mainly covers selecting the extracurricular academic work completed or carried on, and provide financial incentives and grants for the postgraduates to carry out extracurricular academic research and to facilitate the transformation of academic achievements. The postgraduate cultural creative work competition project, with the property of SYBStar Your Business, mainly supports and cultivates the small creative projects. The university opens the postgraduate economy and society service interactive network (URL: http://ygb.nankai.edu.cn/zxnk/Post.aspx), aiming to contribute to the publicity of “Knowledge and Practice of Nankai”, in the form of Q&A between enterprises and students to promote practical innovation of the postgraduates.


2.The Doctoral Supervisor Team in Nankai University

In accordance with the idea of “ Knowing China, serving China”, the doctoral supervisor team was founded in May2012, acting on the slogan of “ Pursuing studies in Nankai University, and striving for the public interests and all-round capabilities to promote the spirit of youth.” Since its establishment, the members of the team have made over thirty speeches themed as “Chinese Dream” in communities, hospitals and schools with a cumulative audience of more than 3000, which are highly praised by different social sectors and specially reported on the website of Department of Education, and by many mainstream media such as “Graduates for China”, phoenix net, people net, jinwan net, Netease and etc.. The team has obviously become an important body to publicize the latest theories of the CPC and serve the society, with a high reputation and influence in Tianjin and all over the country.